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  June 02, 2015  
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Apr 20, 2012 (10:15:00)

Welcome to our web site.  As President of CCPA, I am proud of the invaluable services we provide to our membership.  Our Labor Attorney, Robert Cervone, has just joined us, replacing Ron Willis who has semi-retired.  We look forward to a long and valuable relationship as Robert will bring his expertise in Labor Law to CCPA,  handling contract negotiations and any disciplinary matters that will be brought forward.   We also have the privledge of having Laura Scarry on retainer as our legal representative in any Critical Incident.  I feel that having an Attorney on our team who specializes in handling Critical Incidents is definetely an asset and one that sets us apart from other Unions.     

Unfortunately, we have had to utilize Laura's services on several occassions, involving Officer Involved Shootings, as well as a fatal traffic accident.  I and the Officers involved, can attest to the necessity and privledge of having someone with Laura's credentials being part of the investigation process, working to protect the Officers rights, well being and to ensure a thorough and professional investigation is done.

If you have not already signed up to access our web-site and you are a member, I encourage you to sign up, follow the easy step by step instructions.  I look forward to your comments or suggestions on improving the site.

If you are not represented by a Union or would like a positive change in how your Union is run and would like more information, please call or e-mail me.    


Bill Stutzman

President, CCPA











Jul 14, 2009 (12:00:00)

The Combined Counties Police Association (CCPA) is a registered union that represents local Police Officers and 911 Emergency Dispatchers.  CCPA has been in existence since 1969 and has been in the forefront fighting for police Officers rights and improving their worjking conditions, wages and benefits.

CCPA does engage in fundraising efforts and to those citizens and businesses that have been contacted and have dontated to the CCPA, We would like to thank you in advance for your support and generousity.   Residential donations are to be sent by mail unless otherwise requested, addressed to CCPA, P.O. Box 763 Wheeling, Illinois 60090-0763, however as a courtesy to our business community, the donation will be picked up by one of the fundraising associates.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and are used to keep our operating costs down and to help offset expenses incurred from the collective bargaining process and to help reduce our legal costs incurred while representing Police Officers involved in critical incidents / contractual issues / grievances and all internal disciplinary matters.

While the money raised initially goes to the parent organization, CCPA does allocate money back to the local chapters thru their respective benevolent associations.  We have worked long and hard with our fundraising organization and have stressed that only a professional approach will be tolerated.  The callers are not Police Officers and should not be repesenting themselves as such.  Should you have any questions or complaints, please e-mail or call me at the below listed numbers.  On behalf of the men and women of the CCPA, I again would like to thank you for your support. 

William Stutzman

President CCPA

w-847/202-3838  c-847/847/344-7120

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Apr 26, 2005 (19:20:10)

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